Synchronize contacts into your phonebook

Finally very easy without a server on site and without any effort.

Your advantages

Within just 5 minutes

Set up super fast

Our one-time setup is very easy via the web-based phonebridge® dashboard. Here you set up the access data for the source address book and the target phone book.

At least every hour

Simply fully automatic

Once set up, your contacts are automatically synchronized in your phone book again and again at least every hour. If desired, with a click of the mouse whenever you want.

Unidirectional sync

Clearly in one direction

There can only be one leading address book source. This means that phonebridge® CONTACTS only has only read access to your contacts in order to synchronize them into your phone book.

Cloud service made in Germany

No software.
No problems.

No additional applications, extensions or special settings required in the address book source or phone book destination. This means that your software remains update-proof and free of special maintenance.

Clouds in Sky

Price calculator

It was important to us to be able to offer you a transparent, fair and affordable price model. Without high investment costs. Can be canceled monthly at any time.

Now you can easily calculate your individual price.

Build on experience

In 2006 the founders of phonebridge® created one of the first web-based address book solutions for IP telephone systems. Even today we are tirelessly developing software to strengthen your sales and customer service. We will find the right solution for you too. Let's talk to each other.

We know our way around

Oliver Baltz

Founder and CEO

phonebridge® GmbH

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Others about phonebridge®

"We are very enthusiastic about it!"

Stefani Becker
(Product manager)
Deutsche Telefon Standard GmbH

"Really a great solution!"

Maximilian Elleberger-Märker
(Sales Manager)
dBIT GmbH & Co. KG

"That's a great!"

Martin Schidlo
(Executive Director)
Lokalstolz GmbH

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You can start immediately, do not need any expert knowledge and can count on our support via live chat!


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